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or shook his head: “There is a turntable in the black phone, and there is a ghost in it that you didn’t get. “Chen Ge’s current title is the Favored in Red. As long as he draws another ghost, the title can be upgraded: “What are you talking about now?” “The last ghost is me. After you take away all the pain, despair, and anxiety from the turntable, I will be the last ghost to leave the blood city.” “The child in the mirror slowly disappeared after speaking. Chen Ge understood what the other party meant. When all the souls in the blood city are redeemed, kindness will also usher in a new life. “It’s a kind fellow. “Chen Ge looked at the mirror blankly: “It may not be a coincidence that you have the ability to travel through the blood city and reality freely.” It is not so much that you merge with the blood city, it is better to say that the countless desperate souls in the blood city actively chose you. “After the boy in the mirror left, Chen Ge did not directly push the door back to reality, but found the old principal of the psychic ghost school. After expressing his gratitude, he personally sent the red clothes back to the psychic ghost school with the evil god. Chen Ge originally thought that the painter would go back with the old principal, but the painter seemed to have other things. He took away the incomplete oil painting, hoping that Chen Ge could take care of Fan Yu in reality, and then took him with him. The red clothes who left the ghost school together entered the depths of the black fog. According to the painter, he seemed to want to rebuild a real “paradise” in the black fog. The painter and the old principal, Chen were sent away. Song has returned to the ruins of the Cursed Hospital. Xiaosun has become the new director. He is discussing the reconstruction of the hospital with the surnamed people and some ghosts who are willing to stay. As for the living people who want to leave the door, Chen Ge Take away. With the help of Fierce God and Blood City, Chen Ge used the living puppet talen

ch, but his intelligence is flawed, and he may not be able to recall what happened, and Wenwen’s aunt is the only thing they experienced in this family. People with normal intelligence and who can communicate. “The woman seems to have been avoiding what happened a few years ago, and she will definitely not be able to ask anything. She must find a way.” The twin water ghost mission is triggered. According to the convention of the black phone, if the mission fails, the scene will be changed. Can never be unlocked, Chen Ge doesn’t want to lose this special underwater horror scene. Silently put away the black phone, Chen Ge turned around holding the little girl, he suddenly found everyone’s eyes were on him: “What do you guys see me doing?” “The bone in your backpack is exposed.” Xiao Qinggan coughed, kindly reminded. When he said that, Chen Ge quickly looked back, and the handle of the Skull Smasher was exposed from the zipper gap in the backpack. The prop hammer presented by this black mobile phone was not so big at first, but it may be because following Chen Ge, hammering too many ghosts and red clothes, it has absorbed something from it, and its appearance has become more vicious, weight and length. It is also increasing. “Don’t be nervous, this is a haunted house prop. I often walk alone at night. Carrying it is purely to scare the bad guys.” Chen Ge explained awkwardly. “I just don’t understand, people like you would be liked by children?” Xiaoqing didn’t check Chen Ge’s backpack. He looked at Chen Ge’s sunny and kind expression, pure and sincere gaze, and Chen Ge’s bosom. Wenwen, who is like a little angel, is in stark contrast to the hideous spine hammer handle in the backpack. “Actually, my children are very close to each other. Many children are willing to be with me.” Chen Ge thought of Fan Yu, Xiaobu and Men Nan. These children had a good relationship with him. “You say yes.” Xiaoqing and another policeman opened the door of the police car: “The murderer entered the school and abducted the