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boil water, quickly brewed a pot of tea, drank tea and smoked cigars. He was uncomfortable and not a bit nervous. Anxious emotions.
The lone wolf observed Jiang Hao for three days.
While Jiang Hao was practicing cross-legged, the value of the detection device in the cell 南京龙凤论坛 suddenly changed, and the energy value of Jiang Hao’s body increased. Although it was not large, he could see a significant change, which made the lone wolf very surprised.
“Is this the secret of this human being to unlock the gene lock?”
The fangs in the lone wolf’s mouth opened and closed a few times, and he immediately made a decision that he wanted to get the secret of this human body, and the secret of opening the gene lock was also The secret of using space folding ability.
When he came to the control station, the lone wolf ordered the spacecraft to stop. At this moment, the spacecraft had already flown to the edge of a certain wormhole in the Milky Way. As long as he passed through the wormhole, he could return to the Iron Star in a few days, but he decided to wait now.
The spacecraft stopped and floated quietly in 南京炮网 space. The lone wolf came to the equipment room. From the innermost table, he picked up the arm guard placed on it and brought it to his left arm.
“Activate the armor!”
Kaka Kaka~~!
The arm guard fluctuates, first covering the lone wolf’s arm, then the shoulders, breastplate, and legs, and finally a helmet covering the face.
This is the 南京品茶网 latest nano-scale steel armor.
In fact, compared with the previous defensive armor, the defensive ability and the offensive ability are basically the same. The biggest feature is that it is easy to carry. The entire armor is on one wrist. This latest type of armor, on the entire Jagged Star, can only be elders. Own use.
“Boom boom boom~!” The
lone wolf walked to the door of the cell and ordered Zhi Brain to open the cell door. The door was swiped open, the energy shield was withdrawn, and the lone wolf walked into the cell.
Seeing an unusually tall predator