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led the team to kill the Bulls, the fans of Milijia felt a bit unacceptable from their mentality.
However, this season, after Su Feng used 27 irons to pay tribute to Jordan two days ago, and played a classic in “Basketball Holy Land”, the fans of Milijia are a little bit
happy to see that Nike is broken.
Because not long after Su Feng made history, Nike made a decisive decision to launch Su Feng’s 53-point PS generation commemorative model.
Hey, you continue to quarrel anyway, and the more fierce your 南京桑拿会所 quarrel, the more comfortable Nike’s meal will be.
Although the sales of PS cannot be compared with the A cone for the time being, for Nike, which is also optimistic about the Chinese market, they have patience.
Madison Square Garden, after the game with the Knicks, Su Feng once again became the target of journalists.
“Su, tonight 南京炮网 you scored a new high of 53 points in a single game of your personal career.
We all know that there are still 4 months before you turn 20.
Therefore, you think this record is important for your future career. Will it have any positive effect?” The reporters looked at Su Feng curiously and asked.
“I personally don’t care about this record very much.
Because in order to win the game, no matter how difficult the coach arranges for me to shoot, I will resolutely shoot.” Su Feng replied solemnly.
“We noticed that after the first quarter of the game tonight, you shot 10 times, but only hit one of them.
You can share with us how you did it in the next game. Does it feel good?” the reporters asked.
“You all know that Michael Jordan is my idol.
Just like when he made 40 shots and only hit 13 of them in Boston two days ago, he did 南京419论坛 not give up the game.
I believe that if there was time for the game then , He will still choose to continue to shoot.
I personally agree with Michael’s dedication to the game, because’the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility’.” Su Feng replied.
“Su, your team made a total of 81 shots tonight.
But I noticed