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er yes, or no?
Gawain Cecil is the founding father of Anzu, so who does he support in this civil war? From the perspective of legitimacy, he may be supporting the Kingdom Army. But to be honest, who is 100% orthodox 南京龙凤网 on both sides of the civil war now
has countless thoughts in his mind for a moment, and a huge amount of interest weighing one after another, but he must Replied, so after just two seconds of hesitation, he still spoke: “There are indeed some channels, but because of the influence of the civil war, the channels are not very smooth.”
“To me, the Eastern Border and the Kingdom Army are the same.” Gawain said unhurriedly, “It’s just juniors fighting.”
Cod’s face was straightened: “But recently, the channels have been much smoother.”
“That’s good,” Gawain nodded with satisfaction, “The Principality needs yours. Business.”
Cod controlled the change in his expression well, but his breath still couldn’t help but suffocate.
Big! Health! meaning! !
Bigger business than he thought! !
The big businessman’s face was almost glowing: “I 南京桑拿论坛 am willing to serve you-this is the highest glory of our entire family!!”
Gao Wen nodded with satisfaction again, and then said: “Then, you should understand this business.”
Cod listened carefully, not daring to leave a word.
Just as he expected-the Duke wants to do business with the East, and sell the potion to the East.
This is a big deal than public, but it can’t be done with too much fanfare, so it needs an agent.
Cod and his family will become this agent, to execute the will of the duke, to manage the flowing gold coins.
The conditions offered by the Duke are excellent-although from now on the family will no longer exclusively enjoy all the profits of the potion business in the East, but needs to turn over half of the proceeds to the Principality, but this part of the “loss” and the upcoming gains It’s not worth mentioning in comparison.
With the support of the Duke, how many times will the family’s pharmaceutical business in the East