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James who was thinking of Bella. In the end, both sides were afraid of each other and slowly separated. It seems 南京龙凤网 that the world is still developing according to the plot in the movie, Jiang Hao thought After thinking about it, I turned around and left.
He doesn’t need him here, he knows where he should go.
He drove his pickup truck, Jiang Hao went straight to Seattle, and rushed to Seattle Airport three hours later. Jiang Hao booked a ticket in advance and got on the plane to Phoenix in the evening.
… to
Edward 南京水磨会所 read out the thoughts of Hunter James with mind reading. He wanted to hunt Bella as revenge against Edward.
Edward was anxious and wanted to take Bella away, and the Cullen family all acted to protect the girl as much as possible.
They want to get rid of James, but James is a natural hunter, with super perception, James likes to play this kind of tracking game, but for Bella, it is a game of life and death.

Jiang Hao got off the plane. At 7 o’clock in the evening, there was still a hint of sunset in the sky. Phoenix and Fox are obviously different. It is covered by sunlight throughout the year, and there are not a few rains in a year, so here His basketball team is called the Phoenix Suns.
After leaving the airport, I took a taxi to the city. In the hotel, Jiang Hao asked the waiter to come to the Yellow Pages. He remembered the scenes in the movie. The ballet classroom once appeared in the scenes. He remembered that there was a’Mimis’ sign on it.
Turning the yellow pages and tracing the pages of the book, Jiang Hao finally found a ballet teaching institution called Mimis. He quickly checked the address and took a taxi to the street. When Jiang Hao saw the building, he knew that this was him. Where to find.
But it is still early, if he remembers correctly, the decisive battle will be tomorrow night.
The ballet hall was dark and there was no light. Obviously, it was already off work. Jiang Hao looked around at no one nearby, took out the iron wire from th